Is your loft a gold mine of undiscovered treasures?

11th March 2021

Most houses have at least a little clutter lying around. Maybe a few old schoolbooks circa 1960, or some of the children’s old teddies; lofts and cupboards across the country are full of what optimists might call ‘keepsakes’ and what others would label ‘junk’.

Over the years, some priceless artefacts have been uncovered in the homes of unsuspecting residents. A tatty wooden box, used by an elderly man as a TV stand, was discovered when his house was being cleared out following his death. It turned out to be an ancient Japanese Mazarin Chest valued at an incredible £6.3m! An array of very rare rugby memorabilia and kit from the turn of the 20th century, including an England shirt from the inaugural game in Twickenham in 1910, was found in a dusty box by the great grandson of rugby player and WWI hero Charlie Pritchard. The priceless items are currently on loan to the World Rugby Museum.

Don’t risk being underinsured

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